Animal Reiki

Animals are sensitive to the energies around them –if you have a pet, you can see them pick up on moods in the room, both positive and negative. Reiki can be used as a complement to healing practices, therapies or alone to help with stress and anxieties by balancing the animal’s energy and strengthening their ability to heal themselves. Stress, whether in people or pets, can cause harm to health and Reiki can help reduce the feelings of stress. When your pet is healing, the body, mind and spirit can heal.
Reiki can help by:
1. Helping your pet to calm before or after surgeries, separation anxiety and emotional issues –especially in rescue animals.
2. Aid in pain management with older pets or for chronic pain (arthritis)
3. Overall good health and well-being

NOTE: Reiki is NOT a substitute for a veterinarian. If your pet is in need of medical assistance, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.
Pet reiki 2

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