How Does Reiki Work? -a non-explaination

I have been asked many to explain Reiki.  I can’t tell you scientifically, what Reiki is –there is no scientific explanation for it, though many people try to use science to explain it. What is actually happening is that scientific theory is being bent or misinterpreted to explain what is happening because people want something tangible to hang their hats on.

Unfortunately, the scientific community, -though have proven that Reiki helps with pain, stress etc.- do not know what is going on or how it works in a ‘black and white’ …here’s a formula with numbers… way.
As a scientist, the only thing I can tell people is that I know what I feel when Reiki is being done to me both in person and distant. I have had distance Reiki done to me without my knowledge when I was in pain, and the pain went away. Before I even mentioned it to my friend, who is also a Reiki practitioner she would ask if I felt better because she sent Reiki to me. I had suspected a distance session because I felt a warmth and a clearing of my head. I cannot explain the science behind it, I can just tell you my experience with it. My experiences are very similar to others who have had distance healing done.
I think that by trying to explain Reiki (or any other healing modalities) by trying to bend or pick and choose, current scientific models takes away from the practice because those same models will easily disprove a theory and can damage the reputation of energy healing modalities.
Reiki practitioners try to push away ego so that only light and love can enter us, by trying to explain our practice with scientific jargon, we are allowing our ego to take hold, making us feel like we have something to justify. Reiki finds us, we don’t need to go looking nor do we need to explain it in black in white –Reiki is energy and energy is colour.



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