Just for Today, I Will Let Go of Worry

‘Just for today, I will let go of worry’… probably the most difficult of the 5 reiki mantras.  For me, worry can affect every aspect of my life, from sleep, to work to relationships.  With this mantra, there are times I have to take it a minute/hour at a time.  One of the ways my Reiki Master suggested I work with this mantra is to understand that I am going through the worry for a reason and that I need to go through it -trust in the universe- and try to let it go.

Hardships and how we deal with hardships are what define us as human beings.  Hardships and worries, at the time can seem like an impossible mountain to climb, but by taking it one step at a time, eventually the summit is reached.  Looking back at hardships and worry, I have found that there were lessons I learned.

For example, a recent struggle for my family occurred when a contractor walked away with a huge amount of money and left us with a mess that needed more money to clean-up.  The financial stress which almost resulted in us losing the house was almost unbearable.  As people found out what had happened, we were inundated with help and support.  We met some wonderful people during our struggle.  Now that things have settled, I have learned how to properly deal with contractors, who my friends really are, and this has strengthen the bond with my husband and kids.  We have a better appreciation for the things we have.

There are many worries that people struggle with that are far worse, and many do not have the happy ending my struggle had.  But as with anything, the storm will pass and you will come out of it a changed person.  Try to learn from the situation and turn to the light.

Just like  letting go of anger, giving yourself one day to not worry about an issue giving you anxiety, may bring a little peace to you.  If one day is too much, then try an hour, mediation can also help.

I feel that a life with some storm in it, makes you fully appreciate the calm after.


"After a storm comes a calm" ...Matthew Henry

“After a storm comes a calm” …Matthew Henry

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