Just for Today, I Will Let Go of Anger

There are five Reiki principles that I say to myself every morning when I wake up.  These principles help guide me thoughts and actions throughout the day.

All five principles start with the words ‘Just for today…  What is powerful about those three words, is the freedom from anxiety you get about trying to live them everyday, but by saying them everyday, you actually start to live them daily.

Just for today…

  1.  I will let go of anger
  2.  I will let go of worry
  3. I will be grateful for all my blessings
  4. I will do my work honestly
  5. I will be kind to all living beings

When I first started practicing Reiki, I would say the five principles but, like most things, it took time for me to bring these principles into my daily life. But as the days progress, I found myself saying these mantras throughout the day.

The next 5 postings, I will discuss one of the five principles.

Just for today, I will let go of anger

This principle is very difficult in practice, and I still struggle with it to this day.  I am human, and I must forgive myself when I find myself not letting go of anger.  But this principle is not only about ‘quick to rise’ anger, but about anger we hold with us day after day.  By allowing yourself one day to let go old resentments, pain and feelings of betrayal, you feel a little bit lighter.  As you say this day after day, you find the cords holding you to this anger get looser and looser and eventually and become non existent.  This doesn’t mean that something can’t trigger your anger, allow yourself the time you need to go through your feelings and start the mantra again the next day -be kind to yourself.

Anger is a poison that eventually makes you toxic -from health issues, to relationships, holding on to anger will eventually seep into every aspect of your life.  The interesting thing is, anger does not necessarily affect the person or situation you are angry with -much of the baggage we carry with us happened so long ago that the situation is over or the person has long forgotten what happened.

I challenge all of you, who read this blog, to try it out.  What do you have to lose… you might find your heart and soul lighter and clearer.



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