Meditation -Time for Me and Only Me

Trying to manage a family and full-time job is very stressful and requires a lot of patience and re-prioritizing throughout the day.  I was finding myself loosing my temper at home, not managing stress properly at work and making mountains out of mole hills when faced with roadblocks.

During my reiki journey I was introduced to meditation. This was not something that I just started and went ‘hey, meditation is awesome and so easy” rather I found it very frustrating as it was difficult to turn-off the day-to-day worries.  I was determined to teach myself how to meditate because I needed to do something to manage my stress.

After some trial and error, I found, for myself at least, the best way to start is by doing little guided meditations.  Youtube has some wonderful guided meditations, just start with a 5 minute one and try to do it daily -don’t fret if you miss a day or two, life is busy, but also remember it is only 5 minutes, so don’t procrastinate.  I also found having some Tibetan Healing Bowling in the background while cleaning my house also helped quiet my mind, but it is up to you to try out.

So if you do find yourself having trouble staying quiet for 5 minutes whilst being guided through the mediation, that is OK, acknowledge the thought then let it pass and focus again on your breathing and the words guiding you. Breath deep and focus on the inhale and exhale, it is a good way to get back into the groove of the meditation.  Be kind to yourself if you struggle, just don’t give up.  This may take some people days and others weeks or months to get through the 5 minutes of peace.

Afterwards, build yourself up to 10 minutes.  A beautiful meditation I love to do is this wonderful guided one to easy worries and anxiety (  There is a lovely part of the meditation that says ‘you only have time for this’ -I find that line just what I need to get deeper in the mediation.

Once you get through 10 minutes, try a non-guided meditation.  Find music that resonates with you -I like Tibetan healing bowls, search youtube also Oprah and Deepak Chopra do 21 day meditations for free, you just need to sign-up

I see and speak to so many people who are in the same place I was in 2013… stressed fed-up and just going through the motions of life.  Mediation is a great way to start on your path to loving yourself and life again -you may start finding your self stopping and smelling flowers again.   It is a time you have put away for you and ONLY you.  Try this out and invest 5 to 10 minutes on yourself.


It is time to start enjoying the things around you again.
It is time to start enjoying the things around you again.

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