My Spiritual Awakening

I was raised Roman Catholic and raised my children Roman Catholic.  I had always found many parts of the catholic dogma difficult to swallow.  Its treatment of women -not giving them any real power in the church- and the arrogance of many of its leaders, were two main issues.  Because I was taught that faith asks no questions and this is the way it is, I went about my life OK with all of this.  I had finally had enough when I met a woman who was head of the religious education program at my parish.  She was extremely judgmental and critical of others and how they lived their lives -if Jesus wasn’t put first and foremost, then you did not belong and were not a good catholic.

My kids and I had attended regularly for years, and both kids help in the parish.  The year my daughter was to do her Confirmation, I made sure that nothing conflicted with the activities the church had planned for the students.  The Prep coordinator then changed the time of the final rehearsal -well my daughter dances and this change conflicted with her dance recital and I quickly emailed the church.  The Prep coordinator decided to make an example of my daughter and told the class that some kids should not be receiving their Confirmation because they are not putting Jesus first.   I was done.

I started to really think about myself, about God and about the world around me.  I realized that we are born knowing good from bad -light from dark- this is ingrained in our DNA.  God is ingrained in our DNA and he/she is constantly speaking to us, we have just chosen not to listen, rather we have been lead to believe that the church, bible, priest, are the only ones who hear God.  We hear God in the wind, we see God in nature we feel God in our soul.  My spiritual journey is just beginning and I have jumped in with both feet and I am not looking back.

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